About Loyalty Reward System 2021

Loyalty Reward System (LRS)

In 2020, we are launching the Loyalty Reward System [LRS]. The reward system is like a frequent flyer rewards program for corporate exhibitors – a bigger version of, “buy 10 cups of coffee and get your 11th free”.


You can receive the Loyalty Reward System points by exhibiting in IDF Oman Exhibition 2021.


  1. A total of 100 points will give you complimentary social media coverage.
  2. A total of 150 points will give you a complimentary advertisement in the show catalog.
  3. A total of 500 points will give you an additional / complimentary space of 9sqm.
  4. A total of 1000 points will give you an additional / complimentary space of 18sqm.
  5. Receive 50 points on LRS Registration.
  6. Receive an additional 80 points if you were an old IDF Oman Exhibitor.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Once the point has been issued, those “points” are zeroed out. Companies cannot reuse the points.
  2. Unused points are subject to be carried forward to the next year.
  3. Each point will be registered under the company’s name mentioned in the LRS registration form.
  4. Two different companies can’t share the same Loyalty Reward System [LRS]
  5. The company cannot disclose the final amount mentioned in the space contract form. Privacy of the space contract is must.
  6. 100 points will be deducted if a company cancels or no show.
  7. Points are neither property nor a license and cannot be transferred, sold or assigned by an Exhibitor. The Loyalty Reward System is subject to cancellation, change or modification by Al Nimr Expo at any time without prior notice.
  8. Al Nimr Expo can cancel your Loyalty Reward System [LRS] if the companies fail to follow the above rules and regulations.

Please register yourself to be a Loyalty Reward System [LRS] Member by sending an email on project@alnimrexpo.com or call us on +968 9323 6068.

About IDF Oman Loyalty Reward System
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